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Finding an Affordable Photographer

I’ve always loved photography. I viewed it as a passion, not a job. That was until I married the love of my life last year. We were going through all the insanity that goes into planning a wedding and I was put in charge of finding a wedding photographer. Not only did they have to be talented, but they also had to be an affordable wedding photographer. The words “affordable wedding photographer” are rarely found in the same sentence and when they are the company’s idea of what an affordable wedding photographer is, is vastly different from mine.

I’m middle class, born and raised. The thought of shelling out $2,000+ for someone to take photos blew my mind. It made me sick that event photographers would happily charge someone that much money just because higher prices are expected for weddings. Why was there no one out there who offered truly affordable wedding photography?

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Affordable Photographer in Columbus, OH

As I looked around on different photography websites hoping to find a local photographer within our budget I continued to become blown away by astronomical prices. Why was it impossible to find an affordable photographer? I found someone who did birthday photography and wanted $800 for two hours! Is that Steven Spielberg behind the camera? The list went on and on and on. Engagement photographer, $1,000. Graduation photographer, $500. Headshots, $400. It was insane.

I started John R Photo to give people who are in need of high-quality professional photos, but who don’t want to spend a week’s pay (or more) to get them. Don’t let my prices fool you, I know what I’m doing and my work will speak for itself. I’m not here to rob you of your hard earned money to get the wedding photos you want. Why shell out more than $2,000 when I can get you the high-quality wedding photos for half the price. Let me help you capture those special moments without breaking your bank.

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Why I'm the Right Photographer for You

I love what I do, this isn't work for me. Sadly I do have bills to pay so I have to charge you. I am excited when I arrive at every job. No two shoots are the same. I get to meet new people and share experiences with them on a daily basis. Being able to deliver a product that they are absolutely satisfied with is the best feeling. I will work with you to design a custom photography project that makes sense for you in every way. I want to be your local Columbus, OH photographer.

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