Hi, I'm John Ferreira

I'm a photographer in the Midwest located in Columbus, Ohio

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In 2017 I took a chance, quit my job, and started this company. Looking back, it was a pretty risky move, but I wanted to give this all or nothing. Thankfully, it worked out. I started John R Photo to give people who are in need of high-quality professional photos, but who don’t want to spend a week’s pay (or more) to get those shots.

I’ve always loved photography. I viewed it as a passion, not a job. I started off taking photos for friends, then started to shoot concerts and music festivals. I had a full time “normal” job, but it was not fulfilling in anyway. I started to look at photographers in Ohio and was a little shocked by how much money some photographers charge for their services. Finding an affordable wedding photographer. The words “affordable wedding photographer” are rarely found in the same sentence. When they are, the company’s idea of what an affordable wedding photographer is, is vastly different from mine.

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Wedding and Event Photographers

Wedding photography has easily become one of my favorite things in the world. It’s one of the most important days in that couple’s life. The idea that the photos I take that day will be looked at by that couple, by their children, and even their grandchildren is amazing. A wedding photographer does far more than just take photos. They have to have great time management skills, the ability to work in any lighting situation, and be ready to adapt to sudden changes. They need to be creative, personable, and professional. A lot of this I wasn’t ready for when I started off, I figured it was the same as any other gig; I was very wrong.

I strive to create unique photos that will stand the test of time. Whether I’m doing photos for a wedding, an engagement, family photos, or some band photos; I never want to blend in. We are all different and unique in a beautiful way. I don’t go on shoots and tell people who to be in front of the camera, I capture who they are at that time in their lives.

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Honestly, I might not be the best choice for you, but I sure hope I am! If you like my work, fill out one of the super simple forms on my contact page. I'd love to hop on a call or video chat to go over specifics and see if I'm the best photographer for your vision.

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