Real Estate Photography Columbus, Ohio - $100 for up to 50 Photos

Real estate photography is not the most thrilling form of photography, but it’s very hard to sell a home without real estate photos. The housing market is currently booming in Columbus, the best way to make your home stand out is with high-quality real estate photos. Having the right type of real estate photos in Columbus can make all the difference in the world. Low-quality photos will cause a property to stay on the market far longer than it needs to. Every day that it stays active and without offers is money lost. Electric bills, water bills, mortgage payments; it adds up and it adds up fast. Having professional real estate photos done for your property will help it sell fast.

The internet has completely changed the way housing and businesses are listed and sold. Gone are the days of endless driving to property after property only to open the front door and know that it’s not the right place for you. Nearly anyone who is buying a home or a business will look at the photos online prior to visiting the location. If the photos do not spark their interest right away it’s onto the next one.

If you are doing for sale by owner, it can be pretty stressful. Don’t let it be more difficult than it has to be. Real estate photos can make all the difference in the world. Your cover photo (the first photo someone sees in a listing) will either make someone stop and click on your home or it will cause them to keep scrolling. It’s imperative that you have photos that show your property well. A bad photo of a kitchen can cause a potential buyer to move onto the next post. With such a massive amount of active listings, you need your home to stand out. Don’t take photos with your phone and hope they will be enough to get your property noticed. Hiring a real estate photographer in Columbus, OH will help your property sell faster and keep your stress levels to a minimum.

25 Photos or Less - $75 - Real Estate Photography Columbus, OH

All real estate agents know the importance of photos and how much they influence the sale of a property. If you are a local real-estate agent you may already have a real-estate photographer, but you maybe paying too much and waiting far too long to get your real estate photos!

Why Should You Choose Me asYyour Real Estate Photographer in Columbus?

I’m based out of Reynoldsburg, OH which means I am pretty much 30 minutes to anywhere in or around Columbus. Weekdays are always best for real estate photos, especially if they requested on short notice. Depending on my schedule I can be to the property’s location the same day. If not, we can schedule an upcoming date for the real estate photos to be taken. My price is unbeatable. Most real estate photographers in Columbus, OH charge nearly double what I do. Why pay more for the same photos? Real estate photography is simple. Nothing in the photo is moving or changing, I have complete control over lighting, positioning, and composition. On average I will be at the property for around an hour, the larger the property the more time it will take, but that doesn’t mean the price will change. $75 gets you up to 25 photos, $100 gets you up to 50 photos. 25 photos are typically enough to cover a 3 bedroom, two bathroom home, one car garage home.

After my shoot you won’t have to wait days to get your fully edited photos digitally delivered to you, after all every day it sits is wasted money and wasted time. I will have your full collection digitally delivered to you within 24 hours of the shoot, if not less. If for whatever reason it takes longer you will receive a full refund.

Real Estate Photographer in Columbus, OH

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