Event Photography in Columbus, OH

Packages Starting at $175

Birthday photography, senior photos, anniversaries, graduations; whatever the special occasion is I am happy to be your local Columbus, Ohio photographer. My ultimate goal is to give you the photos you want while staying well within your budget. Birthday photography is always fun. There’s always something happening, moments to capture and smiling faces. Obviously, there are the “must have birthday photography photos”. Blowing out the candles and opening gifts are necessary for any birthday photography session, but there’s always a moment happening that may deserve a photo. Things can get a bit crazy, especially when it’s for a kid’s birthday party. Photographing kids birthday parties is very different than doing an eighty-year old’s birthday shoot. There’s a lot more action happening. Kids are running around, playing, and having the time of their lives. I’ll be right there with them, running around, making sure all the special moments are captured. I also do non-profit events and corporate events. Whether it's just a small get together in a park or a holiday party, I am happy to be there to help capture that special day.

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