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Being an event photographer in Columbus, OH is such an awesome job. There’s constantly so much going on in every little nook and cranny of this amazing city. From family reunions to graduation parties and ribbon cutting ceremonies. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some amazing events throughout Columbus. Being able to be a part of these celebrations and huge moments is amazing, being able to be the event photographer for them is even more special. I get to take photos that will be looked back up for years to come. They will spark memories, trigger smiles and evoke happiness. That’s one of the many reasons I love being an event photographer in Columbus, OH.

I was a member of Big Brother’s Big Sisters and know the importance of giving back to your community. I will happily cover any charity event or community event within the city at a discounted rate if not for free. I didn’t become a photographer to be rich. I do this because I love it. If all I have to do is give up some of my time to help our amazing community then I am happy to do so. Any events taking place in Columbus that help better our city I want to be a part of. If you are looking for a free local photographer in Ohio for your upcoming charity event, please contact me. If I am not booked for the date of the charity event I will happily give my time to you and to our great city. I look forward to being your Columbus, OH photographer.

Birthday Photography in Columbus, OH

Birthday photography, senior photos, anniversary photography graduation photography; whatever the special occasion is I am happy to be your local Columbus, Ohio photographer. My ultimate goal is to give you the photos you want while staying well within your budget. Birthday photography is always fun. There’s always something happening, moments to capture and smiling faces. Obviously, there are the “must have birthday photography photos”. Blowing out the candles and opening gifts are must haves for any birthday photography session, but there’s always something going on that may deserve a photo. Things can get a bit crazy, especially when it’s photography for a kid’s birthday party. Photographing kids birthday parties is very different than doing an eighty-year old’s birthday shoot. There’s a lot more action happening. Kids are running around, playing and having the time of their lives. I’ll be right there with them, running around, making sure all the special moments are captured.

Graduation photography is one of my favorite things to do. Most teenagers don’t like having their photo taken, unless it’s a selfie. The first obstacle to overcome is getting them comfortable, not only with having their photo taken, but with me as their graduation photographer. I’m a pretty friendly and laid back guy, so it’s usually easy to get them ready for their graduation photos. Most graduation photo sessions are around 1-2 hours long. It may seem like that’s a long time, but it really flies by. It’s important that these graduation photos turn out better than you expected. It’s almost a guarantee that they will be hung up or displayed for years to come. I do both high school graduation photos and college graduation photos. Feel free to contact me, 732-789-3163, I want to make sure I am the right local Columbus, Ohio photographer for you.

Local Event Photography in Ohio

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