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I don't think I enjoy any photography more than concert photography. Columbus, OH has some of the best music in the country. Amazing local bands help fuel a constantly growing music scene. Columbus, OH is home to some spectacular venues, clubs, and bars that allow these bands to showcase their talents. It's important to have a good concert photographer for these events. Not only does it help promote the venue and the band, but it allows people to relive that show. If you are a local band in Columbus, OH looking for a photographer, then you have come to the right place. I've shot some of the largest names in music including; Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Snoop Dogg, Chris Stapleton, Modest Mouse and many many more. I want to be your band photographer. Whether you are just looking for some promo photography for an upcoming album or you are looking to have your next show professionally shot. I want to be your guy. Taking photos is not just about framing a single moment in time. It's about capturing the mood and the essence of that band at that particular show. I've done my share of music festival photography, including some of the largest fests in the country (Bonnaroo, Okeechobee Fest, Music Midtown, Forecastle Festival). Music festival photography is like nothing else. There is always something happening, you always have to be on your toes. Magical moments are happening everywhere and missing them is so frustrating. The days are long and they are hot, but music festival photography is an absolute blast.

Why Concert Photography?

There is something so special about live music. The way it brings people together to share an experience. Everyone there is in that place to celebrate the music they love together. It's really beautiful. Music is part of who I am. It's played a major role in who I am today and will continue to be a huge factor in my life. I love music, I love festivals, I love concerts. I even got engaged at Bonnaroo back in 2014. Being able to be part of something I care so deeply about and combine it with my passion for photography is one of my favorites thing in the world. I want to be your Ohio concert photographer. My prices are extremely competitive. Don't pay $400 for your next band photo shoot, when I can give you the same quality photos for half the price. If you have an upcoming show and need a concert photographer, I'm your guy. A small gig in a local bar? I'm your local Columbus, OH photographer. Whatever your needs and requests are, I can help you with all of your photographer needs. Let me capture that next guitar solo or that moment when the crowd starts singing along. Let me shoot your next album cover or band promo photos. Whatever your band photography or concert photography needs are I will meet if not exceed them.

Columbus, Ohio Photography

I love this state and am super excited to become a photographer in Columbus, OH. I lived in Florida for nearly a decade and did a lot of band and concert photography down there. Now that I live in the mid-east I need to reestablish myself as a concert photographer in Columbus, OH. It doesn't matter if you are selling out arenas or playing to a crowd of 6 people, I want to be your local Columbus, OH photographer.

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