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I’m middle class, born and raised. The thought of shelling out $3,000+ for someone to take photos blew my mind. That’s a month’s pay for some people. It made me sick that event photographers would happily charge someone that much money just because higher prices are expected for weddings. Why was there no one out there who offered truly affordable wedding photography?

As I looked around on different photography websites hoping to find a local photographer within our budget I continued to become blown away by astronomical prices. Why was it impossible to find an affordable photographer? I found someone who did birthday photography and wanted $800 for two hours! Is that Steven Spielberg behind the camera? The list went on and on and on. Engagement photographer, $1,000. Graduation photographer, $500. Headshots, $400. It was insane.

I started John R Photo to give people who are in need of high-quality professional photos, but who don’t want to spend a week’s pay (or more) to get them. Don’t let my prices fool you, I know what I’m doing and my work will speak for itself. I’m not here to rob you of your hard earned money to get the wedding photos you want. Why shell out more than $2,000 when I can get you the same high-quality wedding photos for less than half the price. Let me help you capture those special moments without breaking your bank.

Best Wedding Photographer in Columbus, OH

I wish that I could claim that top spot, honestly, I’m not sure who does, but I’m sure they’re great at their job. Whoever the best wedding photographer in Ohio is can probably charge whatever they want and are booked for years to come. $5,000 for a wedding three years from now? Sure no problem. If you’re like me and my wife, you’re just an average American couple trying to make a special day happen within a budget.

I don’t want you to have to take out a loan to pay for your wedding, let alone your wedding photographer. Listen, if I didn’t have to pay bills, save up for kids (coming soon!) and take the occasional vacation; I would do this for free. Sadly I haven’t won the lottery yet, so I still have to charge you for your wedding photography. I want to stay within your budget and still be close to the best wedding photographer in Columbus, OH.

One thing I know is I am easily one of the most affordable wedding photographers in Columbus, Ohio. I will give you everything you expect and want out of the photos from your special day. A large amount of my photography experience comes from music festival and concert photography. When shooting an event like that time is of the essence, you’re on your feet for 10+ hours a day (usually outside), there are magical and special moments happening everywhere. It is very similar to wedding photography, except I don’t know many people who have a 14+ hour outdoor wedding.

I don’t want you to be deterred by my pricing. The photos you will receive will be the same quality as a $3,500 photographer. I don’t feel right charging such an absorbent amount of money for my services. If you feel inclined to pay me a massive quantity of money for your wedding photos, take half of what you were going to give me and donate it to a local school or park and give me the other half. I don’t do wedding photography to get rich, I do it because I love it. You don’t need to spend over $2,000 to get high-quality wedding photos in Columbus, OH, so why should you?

My Approach to Wedding Photography

Before any money exchanges hands, I like to have an in-depth phone call or Facetime with any potential clients. I want you to feel comfortable and know that I am the right wedding photographer for you, this is, after all, a huge decision. We go over specifics i.e what style wedding photography you’re looking for, how many photos you want, what are the must-have and don’t miss moments, etc. If you feel like I’m a good match for you, I will send you a wedding questionnaire sheet that I ask you to fill out to the best of your ability. This helps give me a super clear idea of exactly what you want. It also helps your wedding day move smoothly!

Everything I do is digital unless otherwise requested by you! I use for all contracts. It’s super user-friendly, right to the point, plus it’s easy and free for you to use. I ask for 20% down to reserve your date, the rest is due the day of your wedding. Any weddings in Columbus or surrounding areas with over 50 guests I will bring my assistant with me. It will help your day move more smoothly and will ensure your wedding photos look spectacular.

What Makes Great Wedding Photographer?

I love candid photos. I will stand back and make sure that the best moments are captured naturally. We can also set up posed photos of the married couple together and with family members. It’s completely up to you what wedding photos you want taken! Customization, friendliness and a smooth streamlined process will all help relieve stress from this already stressful time. Hiring a wedding photographer shouldn’t be a pain and cause sleepless nights.

Weddings are very stressful times, if you need anything or have any questions for me regarding your wedding photography needs feel free to reach out at any time. Don’t deal with a large company that will put you on hold or have to schedule a callback. Once you make the decision to hire me as your Ohio wedding photographer I will be there with you every step of the way. I currently shoot with a Nikon D750 camera, I have an assortment of lenses and speedlights.  I am prepared for any photography situation that may come up during your wedding.

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